ENything Goes Mafia II was the eleventh EN mafia game and the second hosted by Helios in his ENything Goes series.

The flavor is set chronologically after the previous game, although like its predecessor, it is still generic mafia flavor. Similarly to the first game, players were required to choose an item before playing. As well as this, however, they were also required to choose a role and a role description. The three things plus some slight modifications formed the basis of the player roles this game.

This was the first EN game to feature two mafia families.

Players and RolesEdit


  • Boc - The Flying Pumpkin That Shoots Lasers Out Its Ass: Vigilante
  • Budd - Sonic Screwdriver: Inventor
  • Drr - Butter Knife: Door Watcher
  • ff_zero - Polygraph Exam: Lie Detector
  • Henry_42 - John Billiow, Journalist: Drunk
  • JangoMango - Det. Roger Murtagh: Detective
  • Judge Doom - Full Moon Pendant: Paranoid Gun Owner
  • Kirbmasta - Triforce: Jack of All Trades
  • Leaffan20 - Colonel Bossman: Mason Recruiter
  • Malion - Moon: Doctor
  • Mercator - Time Dilation Device: Timekeeper
  • Wikey - Spade: Hider

Tritown Mafia

  • Grimapple - Rat Whistle: Jack of All Trades
  • Korr - Super Spy Knife: Janitor
  • Leos - Speed Bus: Bus Driver
  • Robman46 - Crowbar: Godfather
  • TLG - Gay Bloodstained Postcard: Manipulator

Burning Stage Mafia

  • Ari - C4 Explosive Vest: Terrorist
  • Curtis - Anti-Truth Serum: Interrogator
  • Dyler Turden - Flux Capacitor: Godfather
  • Hupu - Jughead: Detective
  • Paulus - Wobbuffet: Counter

Third Party

  • Bsrj22 - Alien Spacecraft: Serial Killer
  • Suspect_Zero - Quantum Entanglement Device: Reverse-Cop Survivor

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