Doctor is one of the more typical mafia roles, featuring in most hosted games. Generally speaking, a doctor can protect a single player once every night. That player will then become immune to night-kills.

Some variations of the doctor prevent the same player from being protected on subsequent nights. Because of the nature of the role, it can also both be town or mafia aligned. The name of the role may vary depending on the game flavor.

Usage and StrategyEdit

The doctor is largely considered to be one of the most useful roles in the game. The player should generally never role-claim with it, as it will be targetted for a kill soon after. As a result of this, attempts to roleclaim as a doctor are generally viewed with suspicion.

The role is extremely powerful for the town side, as if used effectively it can prevent the mafia from performing night-kills successfully. It is only useful for the mafia side if there are other active kills roles in the game, such as Serial Killers, Vigilantes or Paranoid Gun Owners.

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Player CountsEdit

Ari: 2
Malion: 1
Raven: 1
Wikey: 1