The second game to be hosted on EN. This game was the first game hosted by Boc.

This game, as the title suggests, had a Western theme. Roles were entitled to fall in line with this, and the flavors and deaths generally reflected this too.

Players and RolesEdit



  • Curtis - Bad Sheriff
  • Drr - Prostitute
  • Helios Garabandia - Mad Man
  • Leaffan20 - Don
  • SkateGame - Forbidden Lover

Third Party

  • Aspen - Arsonist

Reception and AnalysisEdit

Recovering from the mistakes of the previous game, the rules and mechanics were tightened up a little this time around. The thread used permission masks from the get-go to prevent spectator intrusions. Following complaints during the first night, the game was also locked during the subsequent night phases. The roles were still revealed the day after the lynch trains, and the game still all took place in a single thread.

The game did not result in nearly as much forum drama as the first, given that a majority of the last game's outside players were not participating. It was generally well received but garnered somewhat less attention than its predecessor. This was in part due to the game's length of merely three days, and the flawless mafia victory that resulted.

Part of the mafia's victory was aided by the fact that Aspen, the third party arsonist, unofficially teamed up with the mafia due to the lack of restriction on external communication. Largely though, it came as a result of general player ineptitude at the time of hosting.

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